Welcome to the Ministry of the Dead!

The Ministry of the Dead is tasked with selecting who among the population must die and who must live in any given day. Each day, the ministry prepares a Death List, which contains two possessions, two ages, and two names. Anyone who possesses any items on today's Death List, or whose name or age appears on the list is thus scheduled to die today.


As a young buck at the ministry, your task is to review the case files of various individuals and choose who among them must die today. You must be sure to follow the Death List to a T, and only confirm the death of anyone with a possession, age, or name appearing on today's Death List. Carefully review each individual's personal information as well as their possessions before passing your judgement. You are being scored, after all.

- To send an individual to their death, push the X button
- To allow an individual to keep living, push the ✓ button


- Left and Right - move cursor
- Z - start game, push button
- Esc - reset game


This game was made in approximately two days for the second Nokia 3310 Jam, held in February of 2020. The goal of this jam was to create a game that could theoretically be played on the Nokia 3310 cell phone, and thus conformed to its strict visual and audio restrictions. The theme of the jam was: "Death is Good". Click here to learn more about the jam!


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I love the "Paper, Please Lite" feel of this game.

Thanks for playing! That was definitely my main inspiration for this little game.